It is very common to see students who say that they do not need to study the grammar for example, because they just want to speak fluently. However, according to all experts and the European Framework for languages, everyone needs to train the four skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

The first two are necessary to understand and the two second in order to be able to express yourself. This is what you may have listened to as «input and output» or «reception and production». So, they are all four related and students need to practice all of them.

For each skill, there are several aspects students have to cover if they want to be successful. For instance, it will not be the same writing to a friend or a client and the way you speak to some friends which will be different to how you will communicate in a conference or meeting.

In all A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2, you will develop new techniques to show your interests, your personal point of view, how to convince the interlocutor to do something and so on.

In Spanish School at Academia Ciencias, we are aware of all this and we work the four skills both in the classroom and asking our students to do some effort outside too so that our students are able to perform the best possible.

In our programmes, we offer some activities outside the class like going to the market, living experiences in real contexts, etc.

Meanwhile, we show you some possibilities to start working!

  • Listening: depending on your level of Spanish you can use websites like BBC , you can follow any series, or see tutorials on YouTube to do any crafts you like.
  • Readings: there are many resources you can use: read Spanish newspapers such as El País or El Mundo, visit websites or blogs written for learners of Spanish, follow Spanish people who have your same interests on Twitter.
  • Speaking: try and do some tandems with any foreigner at university, any language academies in your area, or you could even look for anybody to speak through a voice chat such as Skype or Hangouts.
  • Writing: look for an online “penfriend”, use chats or write emails to a Spanish speaking friend. If you have any other ideas, tell us and we will share them too!!

If you have any other ideas, tell us and we will share them too!!

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