Learning any foreign language will help you to understand the culture behind it and its people.

But learning Spanish will be much more. It will help you to be in touch with many countries because Spanish is spoken as an official language in 20 countries, in 3 continents around the world. Moreover, it is the second language in USA, which means 38 million people are native Spanish speakers in the United States. Apart from them, it is said that more than 6 million Americans study Spanish as a Second language. This is something which does not usually happen, as immigrants’ native language tends to disappear in the new country, so we can see the power of Spanish.

Students find Spanish useful for many reasons. For instance, if you are able to speak Spanish, it will give you access to work in media, all types of health care centres (doctors, nurses,…), all federal agencies, advertising, customer services, education, translation agencies, multinational companies and in so many other jobs.

In other countries like China, there is such a demand for Spanish lessons that they are currently asking for more teachers due to the growing number of people interested in Spanish. Some of them claim that they want to learn in order to understand “el flamenco”, to compete in the business world, to travel or even to teach Chinese to Spanish speakers. Nowadays, more than 20 Chinese universities offer Spanish as a Degree.

So, after all this, aren’t you tempted to start learning Spanish??

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